2 Advantages of the Condo Tha Phra Over Standalone Properties

The plan to buy a new property will be a significant financial decision that will impact your lifestyle. It is not uncommon to doubt the credibility of your decision. You may be looking at a Condo Tha Phra [คอน โด ท่าพระ, which is the term in Thai], but you may also have second thoughts about the feasibility of buying a villa or a house. It will be easier for you to make the decision if you know about the advantages of the condo over the other options available.

  • Facilities

You can get access to various amenities and facilities on buying the condo that you may not be able to afford otherwise. Although the rules of every complex will be different, but usually the condo owners always have access to the tennis courts, swimming pools, gardens, bars, and other common areas.

  • Owning a private house with a pool is possible, but don’t forget the high price that you have to pay and the maintenance necessary.
  • In a condo, you don’t have to bother about maintaining the garden or the pool. 

Hence, if you want to enjoy such facilities, then the code will be your appropriate choice.

  • Location 

If you are a person who loves to stay close to the bars and local culture, then the Condo Tha Phra will be ideal for you. If you choose a standalone home, it will be more likely to be in a quiet area. But that won’t apply to the condos as these are near to the best bars and restaurants. You don’t have to drive for miles to visit the shops or theaters from the condo, as the location is a vital factor that people consider while buying the condo. You can stay at 

a prime location, but without paying as much as for the personal property.

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