Month: May 2021

Types Of Condominiums

To understand how to manage condominiums like Condo Chatuchak (คอนโด จตุจักร which is the term in Thai)in the best way, it is necessary to understand their particularities. For this, we will distinguish the differences of each type of condominium, those of houses (horizontal) and those of apartments (vertical). Horizontal Condominiums In condominiums in this category, […]

Step By Step How To Paint Walls

Your home needs renovation, but your budget does not allow for significant changes. You decide, then, that painting the walls  with house fence color ( สี รั้ว บ้าน which is the term in Thai)can solve the problem and give it a new look. However, financial reserves do not allow the hiring of a professional painter, […]

Designing Your Kitchen Area Strategically

The kitchen’s purpose is preparing food. Obviously there are more elements to some kitchen for example dining, storage, and socialization in the dining room table, but typically it’s essentially accustomed to prepare the meals that people consume. The reason is extremely obvious which must be taken into consideration when creating your kitchen functional. Your kitchen […]

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