Advantages Of Installing A Sectional Door

Sectional lift garage gates are gaining popularity. And there are reasons for that. Some buyers may, at first, chase away a little high priced, but if you become familiar with the advantages of such facilities, it is clear that the money will not be wasted.

Among the strengths, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  • due to the lifting of the screen in the ceiling space, save a lot of usable space
  • this installation provides good sound and sound insulation so that the garage can be used not only to store the car but as an auxiliary room
  • Modern models have high protection against hackers
  • simplicity and security of operation
  • if installed correctly, the gate will provide high thermal insulation and sealing of the room

So far, manufacturers offer a wide color palette and choice in textural design. As for the price, it is directly related to the size of the screen and the company.

Size And Price

The opening of the garage is dimensioned so that a certain vehicle can enter. Thus, gates are also chosen for these dimensions. Usually, these are standard sizes – width – 2.5 m, height – 2-2.5 m. If desired, individual sizes can be selected. In addition, some manufacturers offer a size grid in advance, which lists the most popular and popular sizes.

The dimensions of the sectional garage doors are selected according to specific parameters and recommendations:

It is worth thinking about the future: if the family now has a car, then it can change to an SUV or even a family van in the future. In addition, there will not be a car in the family, but two or more at the same time. In this case, it is better to buy a gate with dimensions of 3 x 2.5 m.

The depth of the installation depends on the type of door. For example, if the structure has an electric drive, it will need additional space, so the depth is more than 3 meters. The mechanism located in the ceiling space will also require space and, therefore, will affect the height of the gate. The upper jumper must be at least 2.1 m; only, in this case, the lift gates will move freely. For automatic gates, it takes 1-1.2 m to the sides of the opening, so it is best not to carry out any communication on the walls of these locations.

The size of the gate is also affected by the angle of rotation and the inclination on the access road. The dimensions of the gates are chosen depending on the size of the garage. But it also happens that you have to be upset, which applies not only to the walls but also to the gate itself. Therefore, it is worth thinking about at this point in the construction phase of a garage and maybe even making a “stock” to expand the family parking lot. Also, don’t forget that parking may be necessary and maneuver, requiring space and also the garage door pricing (ประตู โรงรถ ราคา which is the term in Thai).

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