Check Out What Is A Joint Owner Of A Condo And All Your Rights!

When we ask what a condominium is for someone who lives in condominiums, there are great chances to answer: who inhabits the property. However, from a legal point of view, only the owners, that is, who holds the property right to the unit. Thus, a tenant or tenant falls into another category, that of the occupant.

It is essential to clarify this concept because duties and rights differ between residents who own the property and those who only rent it. It is also worth clarifying that prospective property buyers are also considered joint owners, following the Civil Code. Below, we will clarify more questions about this subject and, therefore, enjoy reading:

What Is A Condominium?

If you ask what a condominium is, we can summarize it by saying that it is synonymous with the owner since the condominium concept is related to the right to property. Therefore, we should only refer in this way when the person owns the property and not just occupies it, in the case of the lessee.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to the joint owner and tenant, we have other categories of people who circulate through the condominium, such as visitors and employees (doormen, janitors, gardeners, etc.).

Condominium Occupants

Occupants are people who live or have offices at the address. So, this group includes tenants, transferees, and others who use the site but do not hold the property right. It is worth noting that the owner can also be an occupant. However, the opposite will only happen if the tenant buys or owns a unit.

Visitors To A Condominium

The group of people we call visitors also circulates through a condominium. This category includes family and friends of residents, delivery people, and service providers, those who transit through the place for a limited time.

It is noteworthy that the entry of these people is under the responsibility of whoever authorized access. Another critical point is to differentiate visitors from condominium employees. In this case, they also do not fit in either as unit owners or occupants.

The relationship of employees with the condominium is determined by labor legislation and also by following condominium rules. Search for condo in the city (คอน โด กลางเมือง which is the term in Thai) 

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