How The Flooring Cost For Carpet Installation Is Calculated?

Calculating the flooring area is hard because some rooms are not perfect rectangles. When you visit carpet stores around your area the rates are in square yards and square feet. If you post your flooring need project on FlooringDomain, how to know if you are matching apples to apples or not. FlooringDomain facilitates floor-related services and contractors from Australia to connect with local consumers and vice versa. Here are some points that will help to calculate an estimation of your floor cost.

Flooring measurement types

  1. Linear [lineal] meter
  2. Square meter
  3. Square yard

The Linear meter measures the carpet length. The carpet rolls are generally 3.66m wide. Measure the space in square meters and divide by 3.66 to gain linear meters. This method is not accurate if the space is >3.66m in length. 

Timber, vinyl, and laminate flooring are sold in square meters. The breakdown of large spaces into rectangles makes measuring easy. A rectangle is measured in width and length with a measuring tape. The width and length are multiplied to determine the square meters of space. For example, if the room is 10m long and 7m wide then 10m x 7m = 70 sq. meters.

How to convert linear to square meters?

For carpet rolls are 3.66m wide, so a roll with a length of 10 linear meters is equivalent to 10m x 3.66m = 36.6 square meters.

How to convert a square yard into square feet?

Generally, people have the measurement of their spaces in square feet. You can convert it into a square yard if necessary. If you are comparing the quotes to identify an affordable carpet installer, but have rates in the square yard then divide it by 9 and get the rates in square feet. 

How to estimate installation and padding costs?

Installation and padding are not a thrilling part of the carpet shopping process. However, they are crucial for successful carpeting in terms of comfort and looks. Padding makes a huge difference when you walk on the carpet. It enhances the performance and lifespan of the carpet. Several carpet warranties need professional installation and padding, therefore ask the seller before finalizing the deal. After estimating the total carpet cost in square feet add installation and padding cost in sq. ft.

A sub-floor issue is another looming expense, which adds to the already high cost of your flooring project. Walk around the room to identify sagged or raised spots. Have it checked before planning the carpet-flooring project? Failing joist and water damage can change your budget and schedule, especially if they are discovered while installation.

Carpet removal and disposal

Old carpet removal companies help to dispose of the waste properly because if done illegally you get heavily fined. Ensure to hire a well-trained, well-equipped, and reliable carpet removal & disposable company in your locality. 

Professionals are the best ones to calculate the carpet amount you will need because they ensure that there are fewer joints and wastages. Miscalculation can cause more wastage, so the cost adds up if you have several rooms to carpet.


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