Is Wooden Flooring The Best Option?

The choice of the ideal covering for an environment is a fundamental step in architectural design. The floor will be the base of the construction finish and needs to be defined very carefully. In turn, the answer to the question “is wooden flooring the best option?” Is: it depends! It depends on your goals and depends on the comparison with other coatings.

We will list several characteristics of the wooden, ceramic, and porcelain floors and make a comparison between them to facilitate the understanding of which coating is the best option for your work.

Variety Of Colors

We know that because it involves a whole transformation process in the industry, ceramic and porcelain floors have many colors and textures available to the consumer.

However, what many people do not imagine, is that it is possible to obtain such variety in the wooden floor with the choice of European Oak. This type of wood like the finger joint wood (ไม้ จ๊ อย which is the term in Thai) is very versatile due to the wide range of existing colors and because, consequently, it can be applied in different environments of the house pleasing all tastes.

Cleaning And Maintenance

The cleaning of good quality wooden floors, such as European oak, is simple. Just use a simple broom, vacuum cleaner, or damp cloth. Maintenance, on the other hand, needs to be periodic with varnish. The ceramic has a very similar cleaning and needs little or no long-term maintenance, except insignificant accidents with the breaking of the floor.

The porcelain tile has a more extended cleaning due to the stains and dirt becoming more evident on its surface. It is recommended to wipe with a damp cloth with a solution of detergent and water. Like ceramics, it requires little or no maintenance.

Thermal Comfort

Undoubtedly, the European oak wood floor is the most recommended for those seeking thermal comfort in the environment. It is configured as a material that suffers slight temperature variation, remaining constant, without cooling or overheating. The ceramic and porcelain tiles have less heat absorption and do not have thermal comfort on cold days.

However, if you still need a non-wooden floor, there are specific types of ceramic and porcelain tiles with thermal technology. The price per square meter is higher in these products.

Moisture And Stains

While wooden floors are more suitable for dry environments, ceramic and porcelain floors have no restrictions on wet environments. When wood absorbs liquid and moisture, it wears out, and stains appear. In ceramics, this process does not happen due to the absence of liquid absorption.

Stains on the European oak wood floor can be removed with the help of a solution with water, or in more significant cases, with a varnish application. Likewise, with a cleaning solution and water, it is possible to remove stains from the other two types of coating.

Aesthetics Of The Coating

Although Engineered Hardwood Flooring (พื้น ไม้ เอ็น จิ เนีย ร์ ,which is the term in Thai) have a wide range of options, ceramic and porcelain tiles, have an even greater variety of finishes and style because wood is natural. However, the warmth effect generated by the European oak floor is not created by the two other coverings.

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