Tips for air duct and vent cleaning

Air ducts of the air conditioning devices and HVAC systems need cleaning at regular intervals to maintain a healthy environment. It is best done by the Air Duct Cleaning Company Nashville TN. So, get in touch with the professional and hire them for the cleaning task that is carried out in several steps that are given below.

Steps for duct cleaning

Cover the supply vents

You should cover the vents using a paper towel when you are cleaning other parts. You should not tighten the screws because you need to remove the paper towels and also clean the air vent.

Set up the thermostat

You should start the fan to move the dust and clean the duct. Ensure that the cooling and heating mode is off.

Loosen the dust in ducts

You can loosen the dust inside the duct with a light tapping. You need to tap the accessible duct using a brush.

Clean the supply register

You can start sweeping the dust in the supply register. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the register. Clean the interior part with a damp microfiber cloth. Once you clean the supply register, remove the paper towel.

Sweep out the return register and shut off the furnace and fan

You need to clean and brush the return air register. Shut off the fan at the thermostat and also shut off the furnace through the breaker panel or the service switch.

Change the furnace filter

You can’t do complete cleaning until you clean the clogged HVAC filter. It is better to replace the furnace filter with a new one and get the complete benefits.

Tips to clean the vents

Dust regularly – Vent plays a big role in maintaining the temperature in your room. Dust can lead to asthma, bad odor, and allergies. Thus, you should regularly clean the vent.

Disinfect and wipe – Another most important thing in vent cleaning is to disinfect and completely clean your vents. Dust is the most common buildup in your vent. Summerville Pressure Washing Pros is the company to call if you need pressure washing.

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