Types of pests found in residential and commercial areas

Pests can be found in both commercial and residential areas of Madison. They are very harmful to all the properties and dealing with them to get rid of pests is a difficult task. However, the pest control Company Madison, Alabama has got you covered with their pest control services. These services look after all kinds of pests which are as follows: 

  1. Bed bugs – The most common type of pest found in residential areas is bed bugs. The inner sides of your bed might be infected by bed bugs and causing damage to the house furniture. They spread very quickly and easily, and are also small in size. Thus, it is a challenging task to find them. They also make their spots in the beddings which is difficult to be spotted. It is very essential to keep a regular eye on the bedding to spot bed bugs if any. To prevent infestation, you should keep the bedding in sun at certain intervals.
  2. Rodents – Rodents are the kind of pests that are found in both commercial and residential areas where there is food all around. Thus, it is suggested to keep your food in tight storage boxes and also keep the garbage bin clean. The house of rodents is your kitchen. So, you must keep a check on the containers and follow healthy food storage options to prevent infestation.
  3. Woodlice – These are not the common types of pests found at your houses. These are generally found in humid and moist areas. They can only survive in moist areas as they breathe through gills and are generally found in the dark areas in your houses. They cause damage to the house properties but can be controlled with the help of pest control services. 

Other pests that can infest your homes are birds, cockroaches, etc.

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