Spimbey Is a Brand for Safe and Quality Backyard Playset Module

Spimbey has invested its thirty years of experience in developing a safe and stylish wooden playset. Everyone associated with Spimbey – their wood partners, production team, suppliers, logistics, and marketing team are all committed to regulatory and safety compliance. A methodical 21-step quality protocol is followed to ensure that their products fulfill the global safety standards. 

Spimbey has a Layered Process Audit to assure that every product specification is right and their customers receive decks or swing sets that fulfill quality and design standards. It offers parents worry-free playtime for their loved ones. 

The three-position swing includes heavy-duty belts and a double slider. The swing can be attached to the play deck or used as a stand-alone. Two playhouse modules are available with an exclusive roof design and secret back entrance. Attach this module on the play deck top or as a separate playhouse in the garden or backyard. 

The play deck is equipped with a slide, sandpit, lemonade stand, and two picnic benches. Parents can choose other fun features like the 4 feet rock wall to enhance their kid’s motor skills, coordination, and hand strength. There is a two-way snap-on tarp for different colors to change the feel and look of the playset. 

Flat-rung ladder and an eight feet speedy wave slide for fun and safety. Spimbey telescope, picnic benches, and sturdy safety grips also add to the comfort and fun. 

In terms of safety and quality standards, the wood is not treated chemically. Water-based paint is used to stain the wood. The chosen lumber is naturally resistant to rotting so kids can enjoy their large or small playhouse for years. Spimbey offers a lifetime guarantee on wood. 

Spimbey – Premium Modular & Stylish Outdoor Wooden Playsets

Durable stainless-steel joints and fasteners are used, so the playset can handle any weather conditions without rusting. The decks or the swings don’t reveal protruding parts because the wood has pre-drilled holes. Extra boards and anchors are included for extra structural stability. 

Extra handles are offered for convenience and step ladders are flat for safe climbing. The deck has a high railing on every side so that kids can fully enjoy playing on the deck with/without a playhouse. 

Depending on the needs of little ones and the play space available, customers can order a proper number of playground parts. 

Assembly is fun and hassle-free with Spimbey’s playset. They employ Swiss engineering technology including Pre-cut parts, pre-drilled holes, pre-rounded edges, pre-numbered components, and pre-assembled panels. Each component is packed separately for easy unboxing and assembling the complete playset takes not more than one hour.

For buying quality and safe kids outdoor play equipment, Spimbey is the best brand. Not just their material and safety factors adhere to compliance, their packaging is also controlled. During packaging, there is a risk of missing a component. However, their pick & pack process adheres in small batches. The finished packaging is verified, confirmed, and then released for shipment. 

Spimbey is partnered with certain reliable carriers but at times there are hiccups like snowstorms, customs issues, power outages in the factories, hurricanes, etc. Therefore, they have set a conservative timeline to account for sudden challenges. Anything occurs, Spimbey promises to be transparent and honest with its customers!


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